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Program of Study (CAS Bulletin)


The gender and sexuality studies major comprises introductory, elective, and research components, which together make up a total of eleven 4-point courses (44 points), as listed below.

Two introductory courses - may be taken in any order:

  • Concepts in Social and Cultural Analysis (SCA-UA 1)
  • Approaches to Gender and Sexuality Studies (SCA-UA 401)

Seven elective courses:

  • Six designated gender and sexuality studies courses; Internship Fieldwork/Seminar (SCA-UA 40/SCA-UA 42) are no longer required but highly recommended and together can count as an elective
  • One common elective; a list will be available each semester

Two research courses:

  • Strategies in Social and Cultural Analysis (SCA-UA 20)
  • Senior Research Seminar (SCA-UA 90)

A note about language/linguistic competency: The type of rigorous intercultural study promoted within the Department of Social and Cultural Analysis requires students to recognize the complex modes of communication at work both within and across different social groups. The department therefore strongly encourages its students to develop advanced skills in language and linguistics by any of the following means: taking elective courses in sociolinguistics; studying a language other than English beyond the minimum level required by the College of Arts and Science; studying languages especially germane to the department's fields of study; pursuing community-based internship fieldwork necessitating the development and use of specific language skills; or undertaking study or research abroad in contexts entailing the exercise of key language or linguistic capabilities.


A gender and sexuality studies minor requires five courses (20 points): the introductory course Approaches to Gender and Sexuality Studies (SCA-UA 401), plus four electives from the gender and sexuality studies course offerings.


Majors who have completed 48 points of graded work in CAS and have a 3.65 GPA or higher (both overall and in the major) are encouraged to register for Senior Honors Seminar (SCA-UA 92) in the fall semester of their senior year. Upon successful completion of the seminar requirements, students will be eligible to register for Senior Honors Thesis (SCA-UA 93) in the spring. Information about honors can be found at